Tuesday, December 2, 2014

WOGE #464 Update 4

I have not had much time to spend on WOGE lately, but when Ole gave such a nice hint to his last entry, I could not resist trying. I had already guessed that Canada might be a good place to check, so I began focusing on the border areas, and I was able to find Turtle Mountain pretty quickly. This seems like an area with interesting geology and scenery very different from the surrounding landscape.

For the next challenge I give you an area I have had in mind for some time:
Tell us the latitude and longitude and something about the geology seen in the picture. I especially would like some comment about what is happening there right now.  The winner gets to choose the next location and host WOGE.  I think this one might be quite difficult, so there will be no Schott rule. For rules and history of the game, visit Felix Bossert's blog. Enjoy your search!

It's been a few days, so here is a hint:  The right side image was taken on March 12, the left side on November 2.

Maybe a larger view will be helpful.

Still no guesses, so I will share a close-up. This is from the top left corner of the first view, or the top right of the second view.
Even at this scale, I can't see any penguins. However, you might catch a glimpse of one of these: