Tuesday, September 3, 2013

WOGE #401

After watching other players rapidly solve some very interesting challenges during the last month, I decided to try again with Brian's WOGE 400.  I saw that this was obviously a volcano located in an arid region of the northern hemisphere, yet there were farmland and large lakes nearby.  I loaded my Google Earth volcano placemarks (available here) and looked around in Mexico, then moved over to the middle east and quickly found Nemrut volcano.  As Brian's post suggests, this is a location with both a rich history geologically and an interesting human story.

For the next edition of WOGE, I will keep things arid.  This location is not famous, but the climate makes it possible to see the underlying geology very clearly. 
 Be the first to post a comment with the coordinates and a simple description of the geology seen (in this case what kinds of rocks) and you win the privilege of hosting the next WOGE.  If finding information about the geology is difficult, try doing a search for "geologic map of (country)" or the equivalent in the local language.  No Schott rule will be in effect this time. Visit Felix's blog for an explanation of that, as well as other rules and hints.