Sunday, December 11, 2011

WOGE 323

When I saw the rugged mountains in WOGE 322 I immediately thought that they seemed "Himalayan."  (This probably indicates that I have spent too much time on Google Earth lately.)  I focused on that part of the world, and specifically on areas where reddish images met grayish ones.  I discovered that we were looking at a spectacularly beautiful portion of the Zanskar Shear Zone in Kashmir.  I envy Simon Wellings, who has visited the area in person rather than by computer.

For WOGE 323 I will offer an area that would be considerably easier to visit, if you cared to.  The oddly colored lake in the picture has both a ancient and a modern geologic story to tell.  Neither one is complicated or difficult to find (once you know the name of the lake so you can Google it :-)  However, be sure to read far enough to get the right facts.  One source contains incorrect information that is corrected a little further down the page.

For anyone new to Where on Google Earth, the winner is the first person to post a comment with the coordinates of the location shown and some information about the geology of interest.  More complete rules and hints can be found here.  No restrictions on this edition.  Have fun searching!

It has been a few days so I will provide another view.  The mystery lake is not visible in this image, but it should provide a few clues about where to look for it.