Saturday, December 28, 2013

WOGE 419

For his WOGE #418 Kubilay took us to an area with very interesting geology and also a long human human history.  When I saw the sharp contrast between the mountains and the plain, I guessed that this area might be somewhat near a coastline.  The irregular fields suggested Europe or Asia, so I started looking in the most logical place: Turkey.  Finding this area near Salihli only took a few minutes, but tracking down information about the geology took a bit longer.

For the next edition, I present a (hopefully) easy challenge:
Be the first to give the coordinates and tell us something about the geology, and you win the privilege of hosting the next WOGE.  For more details about the contest check out Felix Bossert's blog. The Schott rule is not in effect this time.  My Internet service has been very unreliable lately, so if someone posts the correct location and I have not replied within a day or so, any other regular player may confirm the win so that the game can continue.  Have fun searching!