Friday, July 29, 2011

WOGE #302

After almost winning WOGE #300, I was motivated to spend way too much time trying to locate the interesting rock formations in WOGE #301.  I usually narrow my search area by looking to see what part of the world someone's previous WOGE posts were in, but P├ęter Luffi has won so many times that it was no help.  I just kept looking in every southern hemisphere desert I could think of, until I finally found the spot in arid western Argentina.
Below is WOGE #302.  Please note that I have used an "historic image" from Google Earth not just to make things more difficult, but because this image shows the features of geologic interest a little more clearly than the current one.
  Once you find this location, information on the geology (and lots of great pictures) will be easy to find.  I will not invoke the "Schott rule" this time.  In case anyone doesn't know what WOGE is, you can find a brief explanation (and a link for more details) in my previous post.  Have fun everyone!

Now that this edition of WOGE has been solved, I will provide some color.  Felix Bossert shares an excellent description of the geology in his comment.