Sunday, February 12, 2012

WOGE 331

When I saw Felix Bossert's WOGE 330 I noticed immediately that this was an arid region in the Southern Hemisphere.  I then made a very unscientific judgment that the landscape was not "red" enough to fit most parts of Australia or Southern Africa.  I began searching in South America by tracing the rivers in areas that seemed promising.  Eventually I was able to discover the Pozo de las Animas, a dramatic pair of sinkholes in Argentina.

For the next edition of WOGE I will try to keep things simple (but interesting) so that the game will move along quickly.  The Schott rule will be in effect.  The posting time below is in UTC.  As always, find the coordinates of the Google Earth image and tell us something about the geology of the location.  The winner gets to host the next challenge. Have fun!

Here is a larger "historical view" that shows more of the key feature.

This is not another location to search for, just a hint about the geology seen above.

Here is another historical view that might reveal something about the climate at this location.

Also, if the detail were greater you would be able to find more than two dozen small boats in the second image above.  Must be a popular place for day trips.  Maybe a larger view will help.