Tuesday, August 9, 2011

WOGE 305

Since I was able to eventually locate Péter Luffi's interesting "round-ish something" in India, I get to host WOGE once again.  Since the large dimensions of the view Péter gave were very helpful in the search, I will return the favor.  None of my previous three WOGE pictures have included any real rock formations, so this time I will give you a site that is know for interesting and beautiful rock formations.  Since they are a little difficult to pick out, I have included a close-up image.

As you might guess, these rock formations are not know for their size.  However, they are quite interesting because of where they are.  Finding information about this site can be challenging, so here is a hint: once you find the location in Google Earth, pull back and do a Google search for the names of some of the towns nearby.

I will invoke the Schott rule (past winners must wait one hour for each time they have won - correct post time is 20:15 UTC) just because no one has used it in about a month.  To win the challenge you must find the location and give a basic description of what is of geologic interest here. For more complete rules of WOGE go here.