Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WOGE 345 - Revised

After a few rather difficult (for me) challenges, I was relieved to see that WOGE 344 was something I could find easily.  Felix chose to show us the Vistula Spit, a beautiful stretch of shoreline near the southern end of the Baltic Sea.  The most important clue for me was the vegetation: it appeared to be a temperate forest rather than a tropical one, so the number of coastlines I needed to check was greatly reduced.

I had a great location in mind for my next WOGE win, but I have decided to put it on hold.  Instead, I will offer anyone who was busy searching for gracefully curved beaches the chance to continue doing so. As always, be the first person to post a comment with the coordinates of the image and a basic description of the geology, and you win the privilege of hosting the next WOGE. (See complete rules and search hints here.) Since Felix did not mention the Schott rule last time, I will not invoke it here either.  Have fun searching!
I welcome any feedback my fellow WOGE players would like to give on whether this almost identical search is a good idea or not.  If this edition is not solved in a few days I will give a slightly adjusted view so that the game can move on quickly to something else.

It has been a few days, so here is a larger view.