Friday, September 30, 2011

WOGE 311

Mathias has asked me to post his image for WOGE 311 here.  I have no idea what the location is or what the geology of interest is, but Mathias states that the location should not be too hard to find, and that nothing fancy is required for geological information.  He is not invoking the Schott rule.  I will sit out this round, so I look forward to seeing who finds this.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WOGE #310

When I saw Péter Luffi's WOGE 309 I immediately thought of some of the areas I looked at while searching for WOGE 306, which I eventually found in Greece.  I focused my search on that part of the world and after about forty minutes I found the right location just across the border in Albania.  However, finding information about the geology took much longer.  I was glad that the puzzle had not yet been solved when I finally got back to it.

In keeping with the spirit of Felix Bossert's recent encouragement for new players, I will offer a simple challenge for WOGE 310.  If you follow the suggestions he gives, you should be able to find this interesting valley rather quickly.  In addition to the location, be sure to tell us something basic about the geologic history.  Nothing fancy is required, just a simple explanation of how it was formed.  Since this is meant to be an easy WOGE, the Schott Rule is in effect.  (Go here for an explanation of WOGE rules.)

Friday, September 9, 2011

WOGE #307

I finally found it! After searching on and off for almost a month I located the snowy mountains in Christoph Grützner's WOGE #306 in sunny Greece, of all places.  Hopefully my selection for the next edition will be less challenging.  I tried to find a perfect spot for all of the geologists out there who like to take their work home with them.  As always, the first one to find the coordinates and tell us something about the geology of the area will win the privilege of hosting the next WOGE challenge.  (For a more complete explanation of the game go here.) The Schott Rule is not in effect this time.  Enjoy the search.

Now that this edition has been solved, I will add a few pictures showing why I found this area interesting. All photos are by GeoKap
Caves near Gelsunda
"Cave City" upriver at Vardzia
Another view of Vardzia with the Mtkvari River