Sunday, April 1, 2012

WOGE 339

I had to go way, way south to find WOGE 338 at Cape Royds in Antarctica. This was a bit confusing at first because the shadows would normally suggest a northern hemisphere location, but the snow has clearly been sculpted by strong, persistent south winds.  After I checked a few areas near Greenland I realized that if you went far enough south and took a picture in the summer the sunlight might also be coming from the south. I went around Antarctica checking the scattered ice-free areas and finally found Cape Royds.

Since I was able to locate a cleverly selected location from the famous Ron Schott himself, it would be ungrateful to put any limits on this edition.  To win, just post a comment giving the coordinates of the Google Earth image and an explanation of what we are looking at (geologically speaking).  A mention of the specific rocks/minerals found here might be nice this time.  Also, extra credit if you can figure out how this location is a first for WOGE.