Sunday, January 1, 2012

WOGE 326

I recognized the landscape in Felix Bossert's WOGE 325 as a tundra right away, but it took me a few days to find the time to search green patches in Canada, Alaska, and finally Siberia.  Then it took a little more time to brush up on tundra geology.

For the next edition I have selected an image that could be very tricky to find, so I would like to try something a little different.  For about the first 34 hours this edition will be unrestricted.  If it has not been solved by then, I will post a second image.  The second image will make a very good opportunity for someone new to win the game, so the Schott rule will apply from that point on.  As always, the first person to identify the location and tell something about the geology gets to choose the next WOGE.  If you have not played before, be sure to check out the rules and tips for new players that Felix graciously provides on his blog.  Here is the picture.  Ready. Set. Go!
As promised, here is the second picture.  This means that the Schott rule is in effect, starting at 3:07 UTC January 3.  Remember that you must include the geology of this location to be declared the winner.  Nothing very technical is needed, just a general description.