Saturday, December 28, 2013

WOGE 419

For his WOGE #418 Kubilay took us to an area with very interesting geology and also a long human human history.  When I saw the sharp contrast between the mountains and the plain, I guessed that this area might be somewhat near a coastline.  The irregular fields suggested Europe or Asia, so I started looking in the most logical place: Turkey.  Finding this area near Salihli only took a few minutes, but tracking down information about the geology took a bit longer.

For the next edition, I present a (hopefully) easy challenge:
Be the first to give the coordinates and tell us something about the geology, and you win the privilege of hosting the next WOGE.  For more details about the contest check out Felix Bossert's blog. The Schott rule is not in effect this time.  My Internet service has been very unreliable lately, so if someone posts the correct location and I have not replied within a day or so, any other regular player may confirm the win so that the game can continue.  Have fun searching!


  1. 13°21'13.57"N / 81°22'21.17"W - Isla de Providencia, Colombia - a volcanic island, with a N/S mountain ridge (El Pico - 360m), surronded by coral reefs.

    The geology (according to P. F. PAGNACCO & L. RADELLI):
    (1) Along the assial zone, with direction NNE-SSW, which forms the "backbone" of thc island: massive lavas (andcsitic-basalts and basalts) .
    (2) Outside (1), towards the south and the west: fluidal lavas better developed on the western side.
    (3) Conglomerates with volcanic clements and minor interbedded tuffs; especially on the north.
    (4) Little adventive cones with andesitie lavas.
    (5) Along the southern coast few coralline limestones.
    (6) Beaches and bogs.
    (7) Coral colonies settled on the volcanic platform

    Curiousity: a noteworthy breeding migration of the local Black Land Crabs :)

  2. Congratulations to Luis for a quick victory.
    I had hoped this might be an easy challenge for someone. Of all the small islands scattered across the western part of the Caribbean Sea, this is the only one made primarily of volcanic rock. Clearly, that did not prevent Luis from identifying it. If anyone from colder climates is trapped indoors by snow and ice, try searching the Internet for photos of Isla de Providencia. It might make you feel better (or not, I guess that depends on you).
    We look forward to seeing where Luis will take us next.

  3. WOW, our little WoGE-Game is skyrocketing! Up to now we do have 10 games in one month. Since the 7 years this game is online, we had only 8 other months with at least 10 games. The for ever lasting record was in January 2008 with 25 WoGE's.

  4. Thanks Matthew!
    When I saw the island's coral reefs, I immediatly thought "Caribbean". Thanks to my OCD I started in the West (N->S) and with some help, I found it rather quickly (this time it paid off, most of the time it sends me to the wrong hemisphere!)

    WOGE#420 should be available around 2013-12-31/00:00:00 (GMT)